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Transparent Proxy

The Transparent Proxy is generally the fastest type available on this website. This type of proxy does not change your online privacy. The main purpose is to cache webpage's to speed up the loading of pages. Privacy is not the priority, a website can detect it by looking at the http_x_forwarded_for header.

Anonymous Proxy

Anonymous Proxy offers medium protection. With the caching benefits of the Transparent Proxy, it does not send the http_x_forwarded_for header. This offers more privacy since your IP cannot be detected.

High Anonymous Proxy

This is generally the most secure type of proxy, since it makes your system look the same as someone not using a proxy. Just like the Anonymous Proxy, there is no way to detect a High Anonymous Proxy. However to make up for the high privacy, this type is usually the slowest.


SOCKS are a more versatile type of proxy that supports more than just the HTTP protocol. This type of proxy can tunnel to most tcp/ip connections. It can relay the entire tcp/ip stack. SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 are nearly identical except with the added UDP and IPv6 support in SOCKS5. This type of proxy is very secure as it uses a secure connection between the client and server, there is no way to detect it. The SOCKS4/5 category on this website is for servers that support both protocols, for backward compatibility.